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ABAC Soccer Team Has Strong Start

Coach talking to soccer players
Coach Ali Sisman instructing soccer team at practice.

Landon Rowe, Media Services Intern


The ABAC Fillies soccer team started off their Fall 2019 season with two wins against Andrew College. With the first three conference games over, and a record of 2-3, the girls are looking optimistic for the season ahead.

Returning player Ashley Haddock says, "We got some new faces out here and some good talent. So it's been cool to see that grow."

The ladies are eager to start the first of their home game stint, with games on Tuesday and Friday, September 13 & 21.

 "It'll be really cool to be at home and play for fans, to come out and play for them and just have home field advantage. Because it's something different, just playing on the field you're used to." Haddock says.

 This is the second year coach Ali Sisman has led the Fillies team. When asked what makes soccer special to him, Sisman responded, "It is life for me." Coach Sisman has been coaching in the United States for 8 years and has a lifetime of experience playing the sport.

 "I was a kid when I started, and we would play maybe twenty games in a day. It was my dream." Sisman says.

It's no surprise that in September it is hot in South Georgia. The ladies are looking on the bright side though. They believe their conditioning in the heat sets them up for success compared to teams who aren't used to the conditions.

With game day around the corner, I asked a few of the Fillies if they had any game day traditions.

Soccer players on the field.

International player Melissa Alvarado says, "I have two of them. One of them is when I'm going to go in the field, I hop three times with my right foot. Then another one I have is that I tie my left shoelace I tie it to the right side of my shoe."

She says she also makes sure to make a cross across herself, as a symbol of her religion.

Alvarado is joining the fillies this fall all the way from Costa Rica.

The ladies are excited to take the field over the next few weeks, and if they play like they did against Andrew College, the playoffs might be in sight. 

The Fillies take the field at home, September 17, 21, and 24 and October 1, 4, 11.