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Aerial view of the rec sports baseball field

ABAC offers all current students the opportunity to engage in campus recreational activities through Intramural Sports programming, Thrash Wellness Center, and the Legacy Foundation Swimming Pool. Intramural participation is entirely voluntary and students are encouraged to become involved, whether for competition or fun, in a group or as an individual; no additional fees are required. Intramural activities include basketball, bowling, softball, flag football, soccer, badminton, tennis, volleyball, and other special events. Thrash Wellness Center and the Legacy Foundation Swimming Pool have recently been renovated and all students are encouraged to incorporate new equipment and facilities into their routine toward a fit and well lifestyle. 

Click to see a complete list of ABAC's current semester offerings and sign up.


Team Wack tries to play the ball over the net in a tough battle against Knuckles Up Gang


A member of the Toon squad attempts a deep three against the Monstars in Coed Basketball

Coed Softball

A member of team Misfits lines a base hit to left field


Golden Years attempts a deep pass downfield to an open receiver

Men’s Softball

Team Stix lines a base hit against a shifted infield