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2011 Hall of Fame Inductees

Pictured above are the 1995 Fillies which include Heather Beck, Sonia Bell, Lana Conner, Teresa Cromer, Amanda Gibbs, Mia Gomez, Tonya Greene, Allison Hooks, Amy Johnson, Amy Norton, Tiffany Perry, Christa Timms, and Buffi Whitley Jackson and Coach Greg Tanner.  Others pictured in the photo include Kyle Farnsworth's parents, President, Dr. David Bridges, Harley Stewart, Coach Benny Dees, Mrs. Dot Malloy in honor of A. B. Malloy Athletic Director, Alan Kramer.


The 1995 National Championship Softball Team


The 1995 National Championship Softball Team led by Coach Greg Tanner began its season plagued with injuries and was down two players by the time the Fillies made it to the national tournament. Tanner said his 1995 team's experience helped it win the state tournament and move on to the national tournament that was hosted in Tifton that year. The Fillies won the national title in an 8th-inning rally for a 5-4 victory over Meridian Community College. Tanner was named the Region XVII Softball Coach of the Year and National Invitational Women's Softball Slow Pitch Championship Coach of the Tournament in 1995.


A.B. Malloy 

Malloy was an avid fan and supporter the ABAC of Fillies softball team for 20 years. He served as a dugout coach and mentor to both the coaches and the players. He drove the ABAC van to away games and was present at every home game. He was at every practice helping out the team, and he and his wife, Dot, hosted cookouts for the Fillies for years. Malloy supplied the Fillies with boiled peanuts for every game and a cooler of drinks for the coach. His experience in the sport of softball was limitless. He umpired for the Amateur Softball Association (ASA) for over 60 years, umpired with the South Georgia Umpire Association from 1985 – 2002, played for the men’s fast pitch softball team, Sing-Oil, for 25 years, and served on the Tift County Board of Recreation.


Benny Dees

Dees served as coach of the ABAC basketball team from 1962 – 1967. In the 1966-67 season, ABAC was ranked 13th in the nation and was undefeated in league play. He was also successful as a coach at the NCAA Division 1 level, coaching at Virginia Commonwealth, the University of New Orleans, the University of Wyoming, and Western Carolina. He was also an assistant coach at the University of Alabama, Georgia Tech, and Western Kentucky.


Harley Stewart

Stewart played for the Stallions basketball team from 1968 - 1970. Under the coaching direction of Van Bracken and Lowell Mulkey, he received the Athlete of the Year award and was named as ABAC Basketball’s Most Valuable Player in 1970. Outside of the campus, he was selected as part of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) District 17 All Tournament 1st Team, the Georgia Junior Collegiate Athletic Association (GJCAA) 1st Team All Tournament, and the GJCAA All State Team in the same year. After completing his ABAC career, Stewart was recruited to West Georgia College, where he played in two national tournament games and averaged 24 points and 15 rebounds per game. 


Kyle Farnsworth 

Farnsworth played baseball as an ABAC Stallion in 1994 and 1995. Farnsworth went on to become a major league baseball relief pitcher and is currently playing for the Tampa Bay Rays. He graduated from Milton High School near Atlanta. During high school, he played baseball, basketball, and football. Farnsworth was selected by the Chicago Cubs in the 1994 amateur draft and signed with them in 1995. He has also played for the Detroit Tigers, New York Yankees, Kansas City Royals, and Atlanta Braves.